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Here are a space for themas that we would like to discuss, so I try making a report on my visit to the Fusion for Premium Collective.

Fusion - 29th June 2013. (No clock, no mobile, no time)

I am at Fusion thanks to Premium Cola. It impresses me that people can advertise truly (I heard from Uwe Luebermann that advertising is not welcome here).

I see people holding signs like:

'I am here' or another later on 'Just now' or finally 'Just normal people.'

I understand it!

Beautiful ambiance, but I got my card from Premium Cola and Mate pulses in my veins and there is much to discover.

I see many people with beer, many with Club Mate, so nothing new in comparison to Berlin. But, very frequently, I see people walking with both, a bottle of Mate and a bottle of Beer. That is not usual in Berlin, not because we have Mier there; I have never seen anyone walking with a Mier on the streets, but I have also never seen anyone walking with Mate and Beer.

However, I am sad that no one walks with Premium Cola. I check the bars. Yes, Premium Cola is in the display if there is a refrigerator top with all drinks, but mostly it is not. It is listed on the menu and the price is the lowest 2€ + 0,50€ for 0,33L- But it is listed only as Cola, and in all the bars I visited. That disturbs me; maybe people do not realise what a wonderful Cola is behind. Club Mate is listed as Mate, but that's another story.

Eventually I find my way to the Dub Station, where Anja should be offering our Mate. We arrive there are are greeted warmly by happy people. I am introduced as the Mate man to the staff who are all very appreciative. Later on, when I visit again, I was introduced to a customer who was getting a fresh Mate and he asks if I am not the guy from Meta Mate? I was shocked!

I heard the Mate is finishing by the Trance floor, they bought 5kg enough for 500L or 2500 of their 200mL cups and it is still Friday oO

Eventually, I find myself at a stage called Palace, and there I see the first Premium Cola in someone's hand! Then another and another and another….I check the walls and program. Aha, mostly political oriented posters, or political oriented music. The crowd dresses more in black than in other areas. Still, only Cola on the menu and I asked at the bar for a Premium Cola, and the bartender answers, 'What?' :-(

Got my little 0,33 cola (Club-Mate is sold in 0,5) and walked slowly in the open through many surprising spaces and musics until I find the big stand on the Trance floor with a covered sitting area. I am once again warmly greeted by the people as the Mate Man. They are running out of Mate I am told and asked if more can be organised. Then I see a small but professionally made sign under the menu: '

'MATE HACKING mit wild, handgepfluckt Mate aus Brasilien!'

Yes, advertising works!!!

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